Better data and classifications.
Smarter retail.

We connect product data to a complex regulatory landscape, empowering intelligent and sustainable decision making for retailers and brands.

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Harnessing data to supercharge retail.

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Compliance & Waste

Reduce costs, save time, and increase compliance with our powerful computation, machine learning, and automation.

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Logistics & Fulfillment

Tap into new supply chain opportunities and efficiencies revealed by better data and shipping classifications.

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Crush your sustainability goals with clear-cut decisions for waste diversion, recycling, and donations driven by your own data.

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Category Management

Get products to shelf faster, build better assortments, and offer consumers greater choice thanks to new clarity in your data.

What We Do

Products power data.
Data powers you.

Compliance. Operations. Sustainability. There’s a lot to think about and a lot at stake for retailers and brands. We connect the dots between consumer products, head-scratching regulations, and environmental impact so you can sell with confidence.

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Step 01

Product Registration

The magic starts with brands registering their products in the SmarterX platform. We’ll need just a few bits of information including a UPC, an SDS, and publicly-available ingredients.

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Step 02

Product Analysis

Applying computational chemistry and machine learning models, we cross-reference your products' ingredients against 7,000+ regulations, retail business rules, and sustainability best practices. Fun fact: we can run up to 2 million chemical simulations on a product!

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Step 03

Data Activation

The result? Actionable insights grounded in real-world context. Access your product analyses via our Product Intelligence PlatformTM, secure data services, and suite of APIs. With crystal-clear data, product classifications, and business insights, retail decision making just got a whole lot smarter.  

Step 01

Data Registration

Retailers and suppliers register their inventory in the SmarterX platform by entering a few pieces of data, including UPC, SDS and public ingredient list. With every entry the database and possibilities grow.

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Step 02

Data Analysis

The SmarterX platform uses machine learning models and simulations to connect your products chemistry to billions of data points, revealing its real-world possibilities, risks and consequences.

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Step 03

Data Activation

Product classifications are calculated instantly and sent by API to your personal dashboard or anywhere they’re needed, providing immediate insight into supply chain risks and cost-saving measures.

Data Activation
SmarterX named one of Fast Company's Most innovative Companies in 2022

Our Company

Award-winning data innovators, at your service.

Our innovation is helping change outdated safety regulations and solving over-classification—and people have noticed. We were named one of Fast Company's “Ten Most Innovative Companies” in Data Science and won the “World Changing Ideas” award in AI and Data for our work eliminating animal cruelty in product testing using computational analysis.

Expanding Suite of Data-Driven Solutions
Resources for Developers & Data Partners
Real-Time Analytics & Insights

Smarter Solutions

What can smarter data do for you?

Leading retailers and consumer brands representing over $200 billion in commerce trust SmarterX for better classifications, new efficiencies, and trailblazing data insights. What can better data do for you?

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For Retailers

Comply with the latest environmental and safety regulations, make better operational decisions, and build a more sustainable world.

  • Improve compliance, reduce cost, automate decisions
  • Grow and scale back-of-store waste diversion
  • Uncover new opportunities to grow ecommerce
  • Verify ingredient claims, expand consumer choice
Reduce Compliance Costs
Increase Waste Diversion
Grow eCommerce
Frictionless Retail
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For Brands and Suppliers

Make your products available to consumers safely and efficiently with quick and accurate transportation, storage, and waste classifications.

Fast & Easy Product Registration
Verify Product Claims
Accurate Classifications
Supply Chain Optimization
  • A fast and easy product registration process
  • Accurate classifications for your supply chain
  • Validate your badging claims for retailers
  • Stay up-to-date with federal, state & local regulations

For Developers

Data and APIs for smarter retail.

Develop a smarter, more automated retail ecosystem with APIs and integrations that transform your supply chain.

  • Maximize waste diversion and reduction with new APIs
  • Drive smarter supply chain decisions with better data
  • Build and integrate seamless automations for efficient operations
Expanding Suite of Data-Driven Solutions
Resources for Developers & Data Partners
Real-Time Analytics & Insights

Trusted by some of the world's largest companies.

Our Impact

At SmarterX, the future has never been more clear.

We're bringing together compliance, commerce, and caring for our planet. When we are able to understand the physical and chemical implications of the products we use today, we can fundamentally build a better tomorrow.

Ready to join the product intelligence revolution?