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Smarter Solutions

One platform. Multiple solutions.
Leading retailers and consumer brands representing over $200B in commerce trust SmarterX for better classifications, new efficiencies, and trailblazing data insights. What can better data could do for you?
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For Retailers

Comply with the latest environmental and safety regulations, make better operations and merchandising decisions, and build a more sustainable world.

  • Improve compliance, reduce cost, automate decisions
  • Grow and scale back-of-store waste diversion
  • Uncover new opportunities to grow ecommerce
  • Verify ingredient claims, expand consumer choice
Reduce Compliance Costs
Increase Waste Diversion
Grow eCommerce
Frictionless Retail
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For Suppliers & Brands

Make your products available to consumers safely and efficiently with quick and accurate transportation, storage, and waste classifications.

  • A fast and easy product registration process
  • Accurate classifications for your supply chain
  • Validate your badging claims for retailers
  • Validate your badging claims for retailers
Fast & Easy Product Registration
Verify Product Claims
Accurate Classifications
Supply Chain Optimization
"We are thrilled with SmarterX. I just finished registering our first product and I am awed by how easy, and interactive your platform is. So much easier than the previous service we used!"
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Robert Hong

Team Lead, Strategic Retail Operations