The magic behind Smarter Sorting's Product Intelligence Platform™

Published on
June 10, 2021
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Chris Ripley
Chris Ripley
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This article is the first of a series exploring the magic behind Smarter Sorting's Product Intelligence Platform™. In this segment, we will examine how the Automated Classification Engine (ACE™) is powering consumer product supply chains with real time regulatory data.

The Current Supply Chain Reality

Consumer product supply chains need a makeover. A big, world-shattering makeover.

Regulated and environmentally sensitive products have long been governed by inefficient and antiquated processes - especially when it comes to compliance:

  • At the store level, retailers face uncertainty regarding compliant product management
  • Shipping companies and regulated waste haulers face logistical dilemmas trying to follow the most compliant pathways
  • Antiquated classification methods are slow and error-prone, resulting in merchandising lag times and inaccurate classifications
  • Inaccurate classifications leave stakeholders vulnerable to regulatory fines, supply chain delays, and public relations nightmares
  • In addition, regulations are constantly changing, and outdated processes simply cannot keep pace

What if there was a way for all stakeholders—brands, retailers, shippers, and waste haulers—to be connected and informed from the beginning? What if products could arrive on shelves in lightning fast time after classification? What if we could all share the same data to ensure the management of regulated products in a safe, compliant, and cost-effective manner?

And what if you didn’t need to become an expert in regulations and chemistry just to stay in compliance?

What if automated, computation-driven technology could make compliance decisions as simple as the click of a button, or a few taps on a computer screen?

Using the Automated Classification Engine (ACE™), Smarter Sorting is delivering instant and accurate regulatory Product Intelligence to stakeholders when and where they need it.

A Technology Driven Solution

Smarter Sorting recently introduced an industry-first Product Intelligence Platform for consumer products — and ACE™ is powering it. This technology provides a single source of regulatory truth for consumer products so they can be handled in the most safe, compliant, and cost-effective way possible.

How does it work? Basic product information is collected, and the core chemical and physical attributes are parsed out. These attributes are run through ACE™, where computational chemistry, machine learning, and codified regulations are leveraged to resolve classifications instantly.

These classifications dictate how regulated products can be handled throughout the supply chain, from transportation and storage all the way to disposal and end-of-life (EOL) pathways.

The best part? The rules governing ACE™ are verified by experts and hard coded into the technology. This means no guesswork, less error, and fewer delays throughout the supply chain.

ACE™ Enables Supply Chain Compliance Every Step of the Way

Accurate DOT, IATA, and IMDG classifications enable the safe, efficient, and cost-effective shipping of consumer products. Equipped with this data, a world of possibilities emerges for selling more products through eCommerce and brick and mortar stores.

For products reaching the end of their lifecycle, accurate RCRA and state waste codes ensure items are handled compliantly and sustainably. In addition, handling and disposal instructions are automatically generated for each item, making compliance easy and streamlined for retail employees and regulated waste haulers.

Product Intelligence, Powered by ACE

The final result? A complete regulatory record that enables supply chain stakeholders to save time, mitigate risk, and eliminate worries. We call that the magic of Product Intelligence, powered by ACE™.

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